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by Rhett Bourland

Ok, so I'm posting this review about 6 years after the concert but it was still one of the best nights of my life. I didn't find out about the concert until the tickets had been on sell for a few months but as it just so happens the day I called to get tickets for myself, a girl I was friends with and some of her friends some floor seats had opened up. A few weeks later that girl and I had a falling out and since no one had given me the money for their tickets yet I kept them because for some reason I just knew I had to go to this concert. I ended up selling one to my friend, another one to some guy who needed a ticket. I also ran into another girl I was friends with back in high school but hadn't talked to in years. As it turns out she was a big U2 fan and wanted to bring her friend with her that I didn't know.

After a couple hours on the road we got to the TWA Dome and got inside only to have our original tickets ripped up by an usher. As it turns out, we got moved up to 17th row dead center. I've been to probably 200 concerts and even now I always compare them to how good this show was. They played every single song I wanted to hear and even more. Six years later I still get excited every time I listen to Mofo. At one point Bono was swinging his guitar around like he was going to smash it or throw it while he was on the catwalk so I held out my arms in the hopes he'd throw it to me. He actually saw me and gave me a look like "Sorry, I can't actually throw it." I never liked Please very much until I saw it live and absolutely love it now. Also, even though I never dreamed Where the Streets Have No Name could be any better I the extra electronic background just took it to a whole new level (also thought the visuals were stunning during that song). The beauty of One was the first time I'd ever cried at a concert. That has got to be one of, if not THE BEST concert I've ever seen. Some reviews that I've read about that tour complained about how outlandish and showy all the extra stage stuff (the arch, the lemon, the huge video screen) but I thought that's what made it all so great. It was all so huge and I never thought that it was bigger than U2. It seemed more like U2 was the only band that can pull something like that off to enhance the entertainment value of their shows. Not only that, but even though the tickets were kind of expensive (especially for a poor college student) nobody in group complained about it after seeing what all we got for our money.

Not only that, but the friend who came along that I didn't know until that night, well, less than two years after that we got married. We've got 3 year old son now and are more in love than ever. What was the song at our wedding? What else? All I Want Is You.

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