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by Oscar J. Madrid II

"New York, London, Paris,...St.Louis!" Well this time I was able to see the biggest baddest band in the land perform in my hometown. They were incredible! I was able to get lucky and stand in the exact same spot as in Chicago, directly in front of the B-stage. U2 pulled it off in remarkable fashion.

Bono as Macphisto, brilliant! I don't beLIEve he has worn the horns or the jacket since Tokyo in 93, but when he pulled Mr. Mac out of the audience and switched things up, we got a glimpse of an old friend. "Sunday Bloody Sunday" was great, very powerful. An acoustic "Desire", very fun. "Please" has turned itself into a classic U2 live performance. I especially enjoyed "Streets" because Bono was handed a WIRE tag by the girl next to me, and then he put it on! Go WIRE! I just cant say enough about this show, PopMart has knocked out ZOOTV, last night ZOOTV hit the canvas in the 1st round. Edge said "thanks for lending us your arch...", well Mr. Edge, thanks for lending us your souls, it is an experience I will never forget.

I met alot of great WIRELINGS, wonderful people. The spirit of U2 is alive and well, just for those who ever doubted it. I have the faith and on November 8th, their music filled my heart.

A great quote on this show came when a woman behind us at the B-stage called for security to ask for us to move from the railing so she could see the band while she sat down for the show...(first of all how can you sit down at a U2 show?) The security guy responded with...I'm sorry ma'am but "thats what U2 wants." Exactly! And last night U2 gave us what we wanted, the greatest show on earth. (A special thank you to all that were at the show and all that were involved, and especially Tracy, if I remember her name correctly, for the stamp access to the B-stage. She is a PopMart angel.)

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