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by Endola Brass

I digested every last lyric, every last guitar riff, and every piece of video. I tried desperately to get into the show and feel myself moved by the triumphant band that once was. I tried, but it did not happen.

I have just been rid of testicular cancer, and maybe that has something to do with it. When Mircale Drug pulsated through the stadium, I stood emotionless. Most of all, Miracle Drug is not your penultimate song of healing. If anything, freedom has the scent of testicular cancer rearing its head.

As the visuals mounted and became more chaotic, I whispered to my friend: "These visuals are not good. I have seen way better." My friend told me to cite my band. I told him AC/DC. He laughed and thought I was joking. I was not. I thought the visuals in AC/DC were far superior to what I see U2 subjecting its audience too. Scrolling text is not art.

The defining moment of U2's lackluster performance ended with an uninspired second Vertigo. Here I am, free of testicular cancer, and Bono singing the same damn song twice. What? To prove some master story that lives behind the set list. Garbage!! It was a sham. The song did not fit well at all, especially a second close. In my mind, Vertigo live is the worst U2 song ever.

Best band on the planet? Hardly. Second to worst.

Sometimes You Can't Make It on your own is the second worse live U2 song ever.

Most overrated band in the world? U2

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