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by The Fly Guy

After 9 days total in the city and the 5-night residency at 1901 West Madison Street (United Center), what a way for U2 to close out in our great city.  U2 made every night special, and Chicago 5 would be no different.  The highlights of the night were:  "Gloria" as it was played as the second song and was played for only the second time on the tour, the second time in a decade, and the second time in Chicago on this tour.  "California" made its way back into the setlist after a long absence.  I was going to be a little disappointed if I did not hear this great song, so I was very happy when Bono announced they were going to play it on the 'e' stage.  "Ordinary Love" followed and was played for a second time in Chicago, and was the only one of the rotational songs to be repeated during the 5-show run in Chicago.  "Bad" was played after "Beautiful Day" and contained another long "Moment of Surrender" snippet at the end.  I remember at the show thinking that I was hoping for "The Troubles" to be played at this point (not played during the 5-show run in Chicago)....but the disappointment lasted for only a second as I along with the other 22,000+ crowd were singing in unison "I'm Wide Awake".  I love “Bad”!  The 5-show run ended with "40".  Bono at the end of the song grabbed a handheld spotlight to shine on the crowd.  The band exited the stage via the 'e' stage.  What a night, what a run, what memories!

It is amazing that after 5-shows, I feel I want more.  I was fortunate enough to attend all 5-shows in Chicago.  So many great memories:  

Night 1: 300-Level - First concert for my son, "Elevation", "Ordinary Love", seeing the show for the first time, the screen, the 3-song set of “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, “Raised By Wolves”, and “Until the End of the World”…wow!

Night 2: GA - "Out of Control", "Volcano", "Angel of Harlem", "Bad", "One"

Night 3: 100-Level (next to 'i' stage) - "Gloria", "Desire", "Lucifer's Hands", "All I Want Is You", "Pride", "One", the Pride Parade references

Night 4: GA - "Crystal Ballroom", "Sweetest Thing", "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" meeting great people in the GA crowd.

Night 5: 100-Level (next to 'e' stage) - "Gloria", "California", "Bad", "40"

That is to just name a few...Looking forward to a return (hopefully in 2016) after the release of Songs of Experience....and hopefully back at the United Center!  

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