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by The Fly Guy

Night 2 in Chicago did not disappoint.  After a great 'warm-up' the first night, night 2 had a few changes to the setlist.  "Out of Control", "Angel of Harlem", "Volcano", "Bad", and "One" were played instead of a few of the songs from the previous night and it was a 24 song set v. last night's 23 song set.  

After being in the 300-Level the previous night, I was down on the floor in GA right next to the 'e' stage.  It was amazing seeing the show from two different perspectives and I loved both for different reasons.  GA is always an amazing experience, but it is extra special on this tour.  I was very worried because I had to work today, and didn't know how things would work out in GA.  I arrived at 5:30pm and as many reviewers have said there isn't a bad spot in GA.  Those that wait all day, all the power to you, but if you have a job or family commitments that don't allow you to line up at 5am, don't worry, you are fine with GA on this tour. This stage set up design is fantastic.  The negative of GA is you are not able to get the full effect of the massive screen over the stage.  I knew what was happening since seeing the show the night before, but others may not have had a clue on the visuals.  The vibe was great on the floor, and seemed to carry out through the United Center.  The crowd seemed much more into the show and much, much louder.  After Streets, the band had to wait for the crowd to quiet before they could launch into "One".  Overall a great show!   Looking forward to Night 3 after a 2 day break...

Few Show Notes:

- As the piano on the 'e' stage begins to emerge for "Every Breaking Wave", Bono points out that it malfunctioned the other night in Montreal (his mind did not serve hime well as this actually happend the final night in L.A.) and tells the crowd how he pulled up an Elvis impersonator to fill the time.  

- Bono tells the audience a joke Chris Rock shared with him the other night ... "A dyslexic walks into a bar" at least that is how I heard it....the typical joke is "A dyslexic walks into a bra"...I get it!

- Before the show start two fans get engaged on the stage with Dallas (Edge's guitar tech) recording.  The fans give a loud cheer

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