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by roachcraft

I was terrified that they were going to save "All I Want Is You" for night four, the one I had to skip. I hadn't caught this song since Elevation, and never with my wife. What can I say, it has played a big part in our lives. My wife is in a band and actually had to play a show with them in Milwaukee this afternoon, which naturally ran later than she expected. She was considering not coming but ultimately couldn't bring herself to miss it. Drove down solo and walked in to join me on "Song For Someone". When they played "All I Want" it was one of those moments that can only happen once, only at a U2 show. I'm a sentimental bastard and these are the things I live for. If she'd decided to stay home, I think we'd both have been crushed at missing the chance to be togeither for this. Instead, it was perfect. Crap, did I forget to mention "Gloria"?

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