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by Uncle Jim

My Nephew had given me his tickets because I have never had the honor as he put it of seeing them live, I have been a music teacher for 30 years now(being 53) And must admit I was impressed with the tightness of how the band played and the guitarist for layering his playing to the song and seemingly floating the music to a different stratosphere. He is unusual and I feel the best musician. Bono is really the heart and soula and a true Band leader and the force. The Backbone and keeping it together seems to be the drummer and bassist, they kepp it on cue and in the right direction. I loved the concert along with my wife and we had a blast, We found the music lifting and full of soul and walked out feeling better and the fans are certainly into them a ton. Sorry for the technical observation but its how I hear the music in bar notes and sections due to my proffesion.
I give the concert a A and one bone to pick , I wish I had better seats nephew but we thank you dearly for the great time we will always remember.

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