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by u2head269

All I can say is WOW about Thursdays show!!!

This was my 11th over all U2 show and my 4th this tour. I must say contrary to what others say about some of the shows this tour they all need to get a clue in my opinion. Do you really have nothing else better to do with your time and to sit and critique what the band should have done or what they should not have done? To them give it a rest and find something else better to do. You try putting on a show like that night after night and then tell me how you feel. They are not perfect, people...

Back to Thursday's show, where do I start...? The set list for starters was one of the best I have ever seen, because it was so mixed up from other shows. Seeing Vertigo for the opener for the first time was awesome, it really got the crowd going. Then even more so with All Because Of You to follow. This was great because that has been an encore song every show thus far. I love the Elevation remix that they do and especially Larry singing the last verse before the full bank kicks in. That is big time!

One quick note I keep reading about people complaining about the sound being too loud or you cant hear what Bono is saying when he is speaking, etc. All I know is that the sound in the United Center is incredible, all three shows I went to I could hear everything very clearly. I sat far away, even farther away, and right next to the stage in sec 119 for Thursday and it was just fine. I think they know what they are doing, so quit your complaining!

All I know is, why go if all you are going to do is pick fly crap out of pepper? Give that seat up to someone who will enjoy the show and not be so critical.

Another Larry moment that I loved was that he played the full drums for With or With Out You, which was very neat, because previous tours he has had a backing track playing for the first part of the song.

Until the End of The world made its tour debut, and I think my brother is still giddy over that song, rightly so.

Not only was the crowd into the show unlike any crowd I have ever seen before, the set list was completely torn apart and revamped, new songs were played, the band not wanting to leave stage, Bono applauding his band mates for a good job after Original, 3 encores, Bono kept looking at the boys and saying one more and keep it going, I swear it was like they were playing a gig for the last time...

And to top it all of, they ended the show with at least a minimum 12 minute version of Bad. "Bad - Norwegian Wood - Sexual Healing - 40 - Bad." (That should be on the DVD!) Probably one of the coolest moments I have ever had at a U2 show, bar none!

My girlfriend said to me, If I go def after tonights show, it wouldnt bother me one bit! Amen to that!!!

Sorry for the ranting and raving, I just had to get it off my chest. There is a lot more to rant and rave about but I dont have the time nor the energy.


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