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by FloG

In a panic when tickets went onsale, I bought a couple of behind the stage seats to trade if I had to for the show(s) I wanted to see, and then, predictably, I got tickets for Denver and couldn't get rid of Chicago... four sellouts and no one would buy behind the stage for less than face... but that's another story.

Though the concert was good by all accounts, it was not great by U2's standards, for a few important reasons. Number one, I had been spoiled by the Denver show, for which they went all-out. Face it, they love our town, they have Rattle and Hum and Under A Blood Red Sky to prove it. Bono and Edge were very energetic, ran around the stage, played to the "cheap" seats behind and above, and constantly reached, touched, and interacted with those around the heart and in the stands. Bono talked a LOT, and at the end of The Fly, dove into the crowd and waded through to the back end of the arena before disappearing.

Now, before this turns into a complete review of the Denver show, Chicago #2 was a totally different deal. I was thrilled that Pride made it into the set, even at the expense of UTEOTW, ditto for All I Want is You. But Bono was TIRED, and it showed (somebody else suggested hungover), and Edge didn't once leave the stage for the walkway. Bono didn't do the introductions, which may have become a little rehearsed, but they gave us as the audience the chance to show our appreciation and to get Larry out from behind the drum kit. Bono pulled a couple of girls out to dance and stood on the railing, bracing against the crowd, but beyond telling us they were having a good time in Chicago, there was little other direct interaction, and I would have thought he'd play up the Irish angle a bit.

They were about to hit the "baby break", and I think they really needed it. I read that the first show was up to snuff, but Bono himself recommended against the later shows in Chicago. All in all, I thought it was telling of the difference a month makes on the road... but hey, don't get me wrong, U2 on a bad night still kicks the arse of just about everything else out there!

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