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by Kristin

There are no words to describe the concert that U2 put on for Chicago tonight. This was my 2nd overall show(first was the first chi show) and my last show of this leg. Two shows and two wonderfully suprising treats. I still can not believe the energy and emotion I experienced at this third chicago show. It was if I was dreaming and I constantly was asking my friend to pinch me. I know I haven't been to many shows this tour, but can anyone not say that this was truly a once in a lifetime performance. C'mon, 11 Oclock Tick Tock, Out of Control, the captivating Streets, the soulful WOWY, Bad and Pride's ability to take you to places that you never thought you could experience, and the way that One and Stay are simple, yet yearning to be deeply heard. I could go on about each song, but why bother when we all know the power they each hold. I was in the heart and it was an experience never to forget. I really do think that my soul was elevated during this show, and I'm not coming down.

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