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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Dan

this was a great show, my first U2 show ever. i was with 3 friends who are not really into U2 and im a diehard. my friends are into heavy stuff (Pantera, Metallica) and i have been to their concerts and there is alot of raging energy going on so i figured my friends would think this was a "wuss" concert, i was wrong. during pride it seemed all 21,000 people were singing loudly, i looked over at my friends and theywere astonished, thats the power U2 has that no other band has. The sound was OK, we were behind the stage and Edges guitar needed to be cranked up, also during the solos bono would point to our section occasionally and everyone would yell and i would miss the solo, that was the only bad part. the band and crowd were awesome and all the songs were played very well. the fly was great and it was the highlight for me along with pride. it was good to see some young people (17-21) know the words to songs like Bad. Im 24 and only got into U2 around POP, I always liked some songs but ewhen you get into U2 and understand what they are about it changes your life, Thanks U2!

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