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by Eric Kniffin


I hit some traffic and didn't get to the United Center until about noon. My buddy and I were bummed and didn't think we'd be getting into the heart. Not too much later, some GREAT fans came along with playing cards, puzzle pieces, and a sign-up sheet for all the people in line. I was 231!

The only hitch in line were that we saw a number of people trying to cut. I took the reigns and made sure two middle-aged ladies got kicked out of line. That was a lot of fun heckling them, even more fun when one of them threatened me and then flicked me off. Damned if I'm going to let a couple of late comers take a couple of hard core fans' spots inside the heart!

The concert was amazing, and I'm SO impressed with the heart setup (OK, mostly because I was inside!) It really felt like the band was playing to us the whole time.

I've been to many shows over the last few tours, but this was my first for the Elevation tour. I was so happy to see the band so happy, relaxed, comfortable with themselves, and "honest" in a way they haven't been (I'm mostly speaking of Bono, I suppose) since the Rattle and Hum tour. Bono just seemed so HAPPY, and there was none of this facade of swagger & pomp I've seen at other shows. Bono spoke from his heart, and even prayed a couple of times during the show. It was really touching.

Being a few feet from the rail in the center of the stage, I got a kick out of catching (I swear!) Edge's and Bono's eyes a couple of times. And Adam nodded at me a couple of times. Geez, that guy is so cool - and looks EXACTLY like he did back in Rattle N Hum!

The only bummer was that I was THIS CLOSE to getting one of the Edge's guitar picks at the end of the show, but came up short.

All and all, an amazing show, and by far my best U2 concert experience. Yes, because I was so close, but also because the band seemed so close nit, so relaxed, so happy!

I am looking foward to the boys returning to town in the fall!

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