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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Andrew A!

#3 (after a much needed day off, even though I only slept for 2 hours.) See my other reviews for the other Chicago shows.

Ok, my brother gets in the GA line for me at 9:30. I got there about 12:30 because I had to teach in the morning. Anyway, everyone was cool about it. Same as the other two days. The fans have been using a sign up list, cards, puzzle pieces and the like to show membership in our group of fanatics who waited in line all day (not to be cut by late-comers.) If you are going to be late, send a friend to hold your spot and befriend the others in line and let them know you will be late. I've heard so many awesome stories of seeing U2 at other venues on this and other tours, met people from all over the U.S. and the world, etc.. It wasn't that we waiting in line for hours. We had a party for hours in the sun. Sunday we brought our portable grill and cooked some sausages for people. It has been a bonding experience. Not working this week for the most part, and not sleeping much either has made me think about how the band has said in interviews that going on tour is like living in another world etc... (as mentioned in Until the End of the World by Flanagan about the Zooropa album.) and I've only been to four shows.

Ok, well today I was slow getting over to the entrance and I missed The Edge and Adam by 2 minutes! I heard they were friendly and signed everything! Damn! People consoled me saying that at least I got Larry on Sunday (who is the hardest to get I guess.) Anyway, Bono pulled up, got out and started talking to people. I thanked him for the surprises on the last show. He said "We try!" He then asked what songs we would like to hear. One guy said "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" Bono pointed to him and said "Ok, We are playing that Tonight!" Everyone was in awe. I then said "Dirty Day" He looked at me and said "oh yeah, we gotta do that one." Then another guy said "Drowning Man" and Bono said "Whoa...hold on now..." Everyone laughed. Bono took his time and signed everyone's autograph. When he got to me and my poster, he was caught up in a conversation with a fan about the 100's of counterfeit tickets being sold to fans who waited in GA lines all day. A fan asked him about embossing a hologram on the tickets. Bono asked Jerry, his security guard, what it was. Jerry told him it was like a foil stamp and showed Bono his own tag he was wearing. Bono also signed a red guitar of a guy who was in front of me in line (sorry I forgot your name) which The Edge and Adam signed minutes before. It was awesome. I took a picture of it. Anyway, Bono started to walk to the other side of the driveway and sign, meet and greet other fans when I said "Bono, you skipped me." And he came back over! He signed my poster, crossing out "All That" and writing Bono ... now it says "Bono-you can't leave behind"...how fitting! Then I told him that my wife, the drummer, missed getting Larry's signature, and I asked if he would sign her drum stick. He laughed and wrote
"Not Larry -Bono"
How funny and great is that! Afterwards I heard that Fox news asked Bono some questions about the scalping fake tickets situation.

Back in the GA line, it was a bit different tonight as we went in the building at 5:45 P.M. and waiting inside for 15 minutes before letting us down in the arena (as opposed to the other nights being let in at 6 P.M. and going in all the way right away.)

Tonight I was standing on the bottom part of the barricades directly in front of Bono (with one person in front of me.) I was with my good friend who was also previously on the third level and said tonight was the greatest show he has ever seen. I was also with my wife and her sister. Her sister was not a huge U2 fan (just knew some stuff from the radio) and now she is a fanatic after being so close and see the band pour out their heart and soul as well as rocking out!

PJ Harvey kept getting better and better. She laughed at one fan who after each of her songs would yell "I love you P.J.!" well, maybe she was freaked out a bit. My friends said she sounded WAY better being so close as up high it was very muffled. She was great, I really enjoyed her singing solo with the guitar "Lick my legs, I'm on fire!" which Bono sang a bit of later in the night (maybe during Mysterious Ways I think).

As for the band, again a very good show. But as soon as 11 O'Clock Tick-tock started the heart erupted. I think not very many of the rest of the crown knew the songs but everyone in the heart knew what a surprise treat it was and sang along. And then after a bit of a guitar tech problem (again, and so funny so see I personally love the realism of them communicating...Bono whispering in Adam's ear about what chords to play, then he watches Adam's fingers...then later Adam walks over to the Edge to watch his fingers...) And they played OUT OF CONTROL!!!! awesome!! I can't describe how wild and perfect it all was. I swear these shows have been so good, so high, like a drug...how do you get any better and then they do it somehow!!! (on a side note, I miss it so much sitting here writing this from work!!!!)

That reminds me I've heard all the rumors about the band coming back in the fall. I shook Paul McGuinness' hand in the heart on Sunday night but didn't ask him. He ran out of the heart soon after as more and more fans recognized him and asked for pictures. Someone asked Bono as he was signing autographs outside about playing in the fall. He said "We are *thinking* about it" He said "We are having a great time, playing great, and don't want to end it now, but things might change, we don't want to burn out." Personally, as much as I'd love to see them soon. Instead of seeing them in October, I'd rather they come out with another album and tour in a year or two (like they did with Zooropa.)

Ok, back to the show. Bono started Kite by himself (kinda like Sunday, after the song ended he played a bit by himself). Also, during Sunday (I forgot this) throughout the show, Bono asked fans to put their signs down (once during the song he actually said "put down", the other times he just put his hand in a downward motion to fans.) There were a lot more signs that day and I guess were either blocking other fans views or annoying after the band has to read them for 2 hours.

What a show! One other note about all the shows was the amount of pot I smelt around wifting through the air. I thought it was ironic as it was during Bad, an anti-drug song plus I'm sure Adam, who was busted for possession in 1989, could smell it. Oh well.

Before "Desire" Bono again dedicated to any punk or rock bands starting out on the trail. It wasn't that rocking but the harmonica at the end was nice and got the crowd going.

Being so close to the main stage is the best. I'd say because you see the band the whole time and Bono half the time. It is great to make eye contact, wave, smile and get a smile back...etc. If there are any ladies who are dying to dance with Bono though, then the tip of the heart outside is the best.

I'm sure there is more to say as it was a great concert but I'll have to add it in my Wednesday review (concert #4) as many of the days have bled into one.... who knows what cool "obscure b-sides" they would surprise us and play tomorrow...

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