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by Collin Souter

Zoo-vation! (Does the beginning of that set list look familiar?)

After Elevation, U2 jettisoned the new script entirely, only to re-write an old one: Zoo TV. After a while I felt like the victim of an Andy Kaufman prank. I came to see one show, and I ended up seeing another one...and how long would it last?

The opening left those of us who had seen the show many times before wondering what they could possibly pull out on this, their last night in our beloved city. The previous nights one-two punch of 11 Oclock Tick Tock and Out Of Control left us spoiled and hungry for more rarities.

But after New Years Day, the show settled back to form, but not without a few surprises, one of which being I Still Havent Found What Im Looking For finding its way into the set. Ive been kind of dreading the inevitable return of this standard since the tour began, but with this acoustic facelift, the song comes off as something of a treat instead of a re-hash. Another surprise came when Bono conjured up Joey Ramones Ill Remember You, something I dont think weve hear since the New York club gig (but I could be wrong).

This portion of the Elevation Tour-The Chicago portion-seems to have fulfilled U2s wishes for touring that Zoo TV and PopMart could not always grant. They kept the show interesting, fresh and completely open for changes on a nightly basis. We never really knew what they would play, especially as this particular show got going. Even Better Than The Real Thing kind of came out of nowhere accompanied by sepia tone video images of feet marching/walking. I would have liked at least one more out-of-nowhere bit of spontaneity (Unforgettable Fire, perhaps) along the lines of last nights nostalgia trip. Oh, well. Bono did sing the extra verse to With Or Without You again. I feel the thrill of a laugh whenever I hear it now.

With four completely different shows behind them now, itll be interesting to see how the show develops from here on in.

Personally, Im looking forward to a break from it all before Detroit. Im looking forward to a good nights sleep, seeing a movie, lounging around, staying indoors and maybe even reading a book. I need to stay away from U2, P.J., Move On Up, Highest Ground, and Your Love Is Lifting Me Higher. For a couple weeks anyway.

Im also looking forward to being back on the floor with you die-hards. I recommend standing in the yuppie seats once, but after four times, Im ready to look up at the stage instead of down on it.

I'm also looking forward to answering a ton of emails I've received lately.

Until then...sleeeeeeep...sleep tonight...and may your dreams be realized......

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