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by Kristy Mikos

Wow, what can I say? Incredible show. Completely amazing. The shake up in the set list almost makes up for my missing the Zoo TV tour! Hey, Achtung Baby is my favorite album, so I was in my glory! It's 7:30 AM, here in Chicago, and I haven't been able to sleep since the show. Still elevated, so much energy. I'm sure many of the fans that went to last night's show are still floating somewhere in the stratosphere like I am. Oh look, there's a bunch of them dancing around the Sear's Tower's antenna! Let me come down a bit to write this review before I go and join them, hehehe!

I went also went to the Sunday (May 13th) and Tuesday (May 15th) Chicago shows. Sunday night I had Section 110 "Golden Circle" seats and Tuesday I had floor (outside of heart) tix. For last night's show, I had Section 327 seats... all the way up in the stands behind the stage. It didn't matter. I was already high up in the stadium physically; but the music, love, soul, and bliss shot me through the ceiling. There are no bad seats for this tour - go if you have to sit on the roof of the arena! It's worth every penny!

I have to say one thing before I review this show... I am *SO PROUD* of the fans for singing along to the new songs off ATYCLB as well as they do for the older tunes! Made the show so much better. You could tell the band really appreciated it, because it pumped them up even more than usual! Okay, onto the show:

Elevation was excellent. Whole United Center singing along. Then, we all expect Beautiful Day and they tear into The Fly! We went mental! When EBTTRT started, I thought I was going to die! Have they played that for this tour yet? Excellent version.

Edge's guitar was on fire all night long! Bono sang beautifully. Falsettos are strong and sweet. His voice is in fine form. And, I'm almost afraid to say this, but... Larry was smiling during the show! SMILING! Not a smirk, not a grin, but an actual smile! I was almost scared! I think that's one of the signs of the Apocalypse!

Edge's incredible solos during EBTTRT and Mysterious Ways were... I can't find the words. You know the best version you've ever heard of those songs? Better. Like unbelievably so. The man is a genius!

One and Wake Up Dead Man were soulful, sweet, almost sad, and very moving. I was so glad that they played UTEOTW again, tonight. I love how Bono falls over at the end of his and Edge's "bull-fight" now. Edge's soundwaves just knock him over and he hits the guitar after he's defeated. It was great, Edge was taunting him with it tonight. Holding the guitar near Bono's hand and then pulling it away as he was about to hit it. Quite entertaining.

Incredibly happy to hear New Year's Day, again. Absolutely awesome. Stuck and Kite were good. Bono said before Stuck, "This is an argument you want to have with someone, but can't because they're... dead." or something like that. Made me sad. I hope he'll realize it's not his fault and start forgiving himself soon. ;(

New York was excellent. Crowd wasn't into it hardly at all tonight, though. The other nights they sang along and loved it. Guess they thought the new song "Chicago" was gonna take it's place for the last show, haha. When Bono promised us (on Sunday) that there'll be a song called Chicago on the next album, I screamed, "There better be!" Here's hoping. If not, I might quit listening to Miami and New York in protest (okay, not really, but...)

I Will Follow was good, but Sunday Bloody Sunday just majorly rocked the house! Incredible, remarkable, unbelievable version. Intense. And then when Edge starts in near the end, after the silence... oh my God! Goosebumps and tingles everywhere! We clapped along for SBS, NYD, Streets, and Pride so much that I actually bruised my hands! It hurts to type this... but it's a good pain! Definitely worth it to see that look of bliss and awe on the boys' faces! Bono looked like he'd died and gone to Heaven during Pride!

The Sweetest Thing was sweet, cute, and funny. I've always thought the song was kind of silly, but it works well live. I like it better now. Bono looked like he was going to laugh when we were singing along.

Angel of Harlem was a bit of a surprise and it was a fine acoustic version. I think Edge suggested it to Bono. Saw him whispering in his ear (I had binoculars!) for a minute or so before they played it. Then Bono goes and says they're gonna play a B-side they haven't played in years and they launch into this beautiful, wonderful, acoustic version of ISHFWILF. Crowd loved it. I think I hit the Heavens at that point!

All I Want Is You was very good, as always. Though, I think Bono drags out the "All I want is... your love" audience responses a little too far. But it makes him so happy so it's worth it. Streets was amazing, incredible, no words. We need to invent new adjectives for this one. Those "Sun Lights" for lack of a better description are so perfect! And you can't beat all the house lights coming on and seeing EVERYONE from the floor to the highest balconies standing, singing, claping, and being so happy all at once. All as one.

Pride was like going to Heaven. I think the United Center levitated for that one. Love the lights around the heart. Says it all. The band, the crowd, the security... eveyone is one and the place is so full of love for this song. They can never stop playing this live... too many people (I think Bono included!) would be heartbroken!

Bullet? Oh my God! It's my favorite song anyways, but it was dead on version, man. Edge had those evil, fighter plane noises down perfectly. Oh, heavy vibe. Excellent. Intense! WOWY is the show-stopper it always is. I don't understand why everyone's talking about them adding the "We'll shine like stars in the summer night..." part just for last night's show. I'm 90-some percent sure they did that for the other 2 Chicago shows I went to, as well.

Beautiful Day right after WOWY was a brainstorm. Perfect! Great placement. The crowd is unified. The band is in rapture. And the house lights go on and we all sing along, completely energized and happy. Brought the energy and elevation meters back to the top, again.

I had no idea what song Bono was singing after Beautiful Day and before Walk On. He was talking about Joey Ramone, but I couldn't make it out. I guess it's a Ramone's song. It was good. Walk On was incredible, again. Love the projections with the lyrics. They need to speed them up, though, so the crowd can see the words before it's time to sing them. It gets confusing trying to remember everything we're leaving behind, hehe. I have to say, Walk On wasn't one of my favorites on the new album (I mean, it's very good and I liked it, but not a fav) but this song is so unbelievable live. Excellent show ender. The guitar (is that Bono playing?) sounds so rich and full... much more powerful than on the album. Then we end with the heart in a suitcase. Beautiful. We needed sherpas to get to our seats, but they won't dare climb to the heights and get my soul down for me. Hey, if the goal is soul... the boys and the fans met and exceeded it. Now what can I sell to be able to buy more tickets for the 3rd leg? My car??? Hmmmmm.... ;D

Kristy... insane? Most definately... but I'm happier than I've ever been in my life! WOO-HOO! When's the next show?!?!?! <3

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