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by Missy

So the morning started off at 5 am driving to chicago. The 5 hr drive was well worth it. Even though we had 300 level seats we hung out in the GA line all day. It was great meeting other fans...thanks to the guy who walked almost 20 blocks with me and my friend on the great search for socks. What a way to see the city. The show was amazing of course, but my most memerable moments will be the people i met and what happened in the few hours before. Previously we had all waited by the entrance to see when the boys would drive in. Alot of people had to leave for their GA spots, so my friend and I returned at about 6:00pm, obviously Our Guys blew their soundcheck off, so now we were just waiting to get a glimpse of the cars. at around 6:30 Larry's car drove in, didnt even get a glance or wave....bummer. Then Adam...same thing....finally Edge and Bono's car (they were carpooling i guess :) ) came in and stopped, right in front of where i was standing. edge got out and went to greet people, and bono then got out, but stayed at his door. he said something to the effect of "Thanks for 4 great shows, cant stay long, have to go to work, going home right after the show to see my baby, thanks...." it hard to recall, then he waved and got back in the car and drove under the UC. Granted they didnt sign autographs, but i never thought some small town girl from Iowa would ever be that close to her heros...U2, thanks for taking the time with your fans. Nothing really more to say about the show, Tim and the others did a good job summing it up. I'll post a couple pictures, if you want to discuss the show further, and talk with other fans, visit http://groups.yahoo.com/group/U2-Midwest

Light My Way

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