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by Laurie

And I thought last night was a treat. U2 never ceases to amaze me each time I see them. This was my 8th and final concert of this tour (unless they come back, hehe, fingers crossed). I am speechless. I never want to come down from this amazing show. So, the band starts with Elevation and we're all geared up ready for Beautiful Day and all the sudden they bust into the Fly. Everybody turns around wondering what the heck is going on. Naturally we got over that fast and just enjoyed the fact that U2 always has something up their sleeves. Next was EBTTRT, Mysterious Ways, followed by One. Now we're having flashbacks of ZooTv. The crowd loved it however, and so did I, although I wasn't prepared for One being so soon in the show therefore Bono had me crying like a baby. Bono puts back in The Sweetest thing for tonight and starts out the song by saying something like "my baby had a baby boy, had a baby boy" and he said even more of that kind of thing after the song. I'm under the impression that Ali had her baby. Finally I get to hear Angel of Harlem on this tour! The whole crowd was into it. Then Edge starts the chords to I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For! What!? Is this really happening? I thought for sure we weren't going to hear that one on this tour! Let me tell you the acoustic version is jamming! I loved every second of it. Next up, All I Want is You, and although they've played it a few times on this tour this was the first time I got to hear it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs and I still could only hear the crowd singing "yooooooooou". Amazing feeling. I'm thinking please god don't ever let this end, but it did. During Walk On once again I was crying and as they finished up Adam saw me and smiled and I smiled back with tears streaming down my face and proceeded to wave goodbye to him and he did the same. God I love this band! I love Chicago! The fans there are amazing! I'm so glad I got to spend my last 2 shows in such an amazing place. I'm never coming down!

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