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by Austin

Hello U2 fans. Many of you may know this, but for those younger fans who may not, here's some U2 musical trivia:

Those wonderful lyrics that Bono has recently begun adding again (in Chicago and a few other cities) to the end of "With or Without You":

"We'll shine like stars in the summer night, we'll shine like stars in the winter . . ."

These are lyrics to the Joy Division song, "Love Will Tear Us Apart." Joy Division is the band that eventually begat New Order, for those of you who perhaps are too young to have heard of them. It is a very dark and brooding song, and I think Bono adding it to the end of "With or Without You" has always been a nice tip of the hat, as these two bands seemed to have feuded in the early days.

If anyone has any further insight into this song or any other lyrics that Bono adds to the end of his band's own songs, please let me know.

Can't sing but I've got soul--

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