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by Andrew A!

#4!!! Now even though Bono said at the first Chicago show that that would be the only ass kissing we would get from them (because Chicago loved Pop and Popmart) he really kissed our asses on this final show. I felt the love!

It was great to finally be right in front of Bono in the heart this time. The previous nights I was either in front of THE Edge or inbetween The Edge and Bono. Btw, if my reviews have been incoherent it is because I am still reeling and reveling in those best shows of my life!!!!!

There were so many highlights ... where to begin. Well, first the GA line... by this time I felt like a pro with it and made friends (again) witht the people in line. I met a woman who won a Yahoo auction and made it to the New York Iriving Plaza show. Thanks again for the fruit and ice cream. It was also nice to meet people from Venezuela. All thse fans, these past four days, sharing stories about where they met the band (at the hotel, after a venue, seen them on this tour, this city...) It was great and made the party on the grass as I like to call it so much more than standing in line.
Anyway, I waiting from 4:00 until it was almost time for the GA line to go in 5:30 for the band to show up (hoping to get the Edge's and Adam's signatures) but I guess they came late and didn't sign anything :(

Once inside, I again for the fourth time felt how spoiled and unworthy to be so close to the stage in the heart. It just doesn't seem right...to be sooooo close. It's great!

PJ was great again. I was singing along with her songs and really got into them (I guess after hearing good music for four days you start to pick up on it.) Someone in addition to the guy in front yelled "I love you PJ!" and she looked back behind the stage to find that person. I think I'm going to have to get an album or two by her.

Hearing Dallas play those two second bits of songs we all know and love was again awesome. I can't believe I still felt immense anticipation for the fourt time in a row.

As for the show, it was great to see Larry at the end of Sunday Bloody Sunday look at Bono on the tip of the heart and mouth the words "whatever you want to do..." He then laughed and broke into the famous drum beat for the extended outro on that song (which they hadn't done the two nights before.) All I want is You was great and this time Bono and the Edge looked at each other so as not to do the "All I Want is Yoooooouuu" part over the Edge's solo. For a second it seemed like the song was going to stop but then Bono kicked in and sang it, then the Edge did the solo, and then Bono sang it again with the crowd singing the "yooouuu" part and of course we all went nuts again when we heard the keyboard and realized that "Streets" was starting. I love to look back at the whole arena when the lights kick in at the beginning of that song. It is a quite a sight.

Bono did the intros of the band again. This time it seemed like he was talking to someone and said "I have to do the intros now" or something. Then he corrected himself and said "it is not that I *have* to but I *want* to" Btw, I noticed a few times inbetween songs Bono stopped midway on the Edge's side of the heart ramp to look down and have a conversation with someone on the inside of the heart. It must have been cool for that person.

Another memorable part was during "I will follow"'s bridge. Bono sang this long part which started with a repetition of "Miss you...Chicago...miss you...chicago" Then he sang this bit about how great we were etc... etc.. and then sang that we shouldn't trust rock stars because they say that to every city...(Edge laughed-the audience laughed) and then Bono sang "but not me!" (The whole band and crowd loved that laughed and cheered...)

One other neat thing I noticed on the first Chicago show was during a song, Bono, on the main stage, was singing a part with his mouth wide open and close to the microphone...so much so that he put the whole mic head in his mouth!

During the intro of "Streets" Bono was up on the main stage reciting the psalm. There was a security guy with a flashlight shining on the words taped to the floor but Bono didn't look down, he either memorized them or made up his own prayer. It was cool to see the security hand him the big "gun" flashlight too during "Bullet" as well as see security guys shine lights for the band to walk down stairs in the dark without tripping.

Sweetest Thing was great. The song started before Bono got to the piano and at first I thought they'd do it without piano but it was great to see the man on the piano (again.) It was such a fun song to do. Bono laughed sang stuff about "my baby...tonight" or something. I thought maybe his wife had their 4th child but I guess that didn't happen until the 21st. Bono stayed siting for a bit after the song and I thought maybe their would be another song by him on the piano...maybe "October"? (hey who would have guessed "out of control" last night???) but they didn't.

Great show maybe the best of the four in terms of pure fun. Though last night was great too. I can't pick one... I want bootlegs of all four shows... heck.. video too!!! I was so happy to hear "Even Better Than the Real Thing" and "Angel of Harlem" as I read here at u2tours.com .... in the course of the four days we got all the different songs other towns got and then some! It was cool to see the place explode when they realized that it was one of U2's number one singles being played by the Edge after Bono whispered in his ear and said they would play "an obscure b-side." wow! wow!

"I remember you" was great also...especially to hear the crowd in the heart singing along.

Overall 4 great shows... I thanked all the security who were their for four days for a fine job as well as Joe O'H, the sound guy. Just a tremendous amount of energy, soul, heart, fun, and love.

A touching moment for me was the end, when Bono and The Edge were walking off the stage. Bono put his arm around The Edge and I read his lips. Bono said to him "one last look" and they stopped and looked back. wow!

Whew! how draining...emotionally and physically. My brother-in-law who was with me said he almost cried 3 times during the show. We had a great time. We were spoiled rotten. Thank you U2, Willie, and all who had to do with the heart design. It was a brilliant idea to give fans (those who would wait in line all day) the best view. (I think any "VIP Working Personnel" should be back at the soundboard.)

As the lights came on and "Grace" was played I felt sad knowing I wouldn't see the band for a long time again. Plus the security were quick to start taking the whole stage apart. I saw Dallas and again attempted to see if I could get a guitar pic. Everyone reach up trying to grab one. I held my hand out and he placed one on my palm. Thank you Dallas!!! I got a Bono one with U2 Kite printed on the other side. A nice final moment, piece of memorabilia.

I have attached some of my many pictures (taken with a disposable camera) from the four shows. Enjoy!

Thanks again to U2. They got the job. They've reach the goal of Elevation. We got all that and so much, much more!!!

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