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by cjnemec

Another great night in Chicago. I don't think tonight was as great as Tuesday, partially because Bono had some technical problems with his ear piece that seemed to frustrate him. That said, had I not seen the show Tuesday I would have put this show right up there with the best U2 shows I've seen. Highlights: Wild Horses, In A Little While after Miracle Drug, Bad with The First Time perfectly placed in the middle, Original of the Species and Fast Cars was amazing. Also, it's strange to think about how we take for granted songs like Streets and Pride and Sunday Bloody Sunday. They all sounded really fresh the last couple nights. Finally, I was in the 300 level last night and I cannot understand how people can sit through a concert... ANY concert. You work all day, sitting. Get up off your butt and enjoy yourself. My friend and I were the only people in our section standing during songs like Miracle Drug, Miss Sarajevo and Original of the Species. I think too many people go to see shows just to say that went and that sucks. Please give your ticket to someone who cares. I know of a number of real fans who struggled to get tickets and had to use alternate means to obtain them which cost more money or who didn't go at all because they couldn't afford scalpers prices. Please don't take the experience away from someone else so you can say you saw U2. See some of you in Milwaukee!!!

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