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by firstu2show

Getting free tickets to this show was just the first part of an adventure. I then had to figure how to get them picked up as they wouldn't mail them. finally a friend got them for me and I reserved my airline ticket to LA
THe night of the show we get to Universal only to be turned away as the greeter had not arrived to tell us where to park.
THere were 20 cars going up to the gate and turning around and then getting in line again so they could be first in line.
Once parked and in line we were herded like cattle through turnstiles to finally get to the studio and then to be searched with a handheld metal detector wand and put into the last animal bin before being allowed into the actual studio.
Once in side I made a beeline for the front and the stage had a center aisle extending from it so I got next to it and edges side.
U2 played first but before they came on they brought the paid good looking babes and placed them so there was boy girl boy girl line up. It was nice to be squeezed in between two paid dancers.
The band came on stage and started with elevation and after the first run edges says lets do it again. Then stuck in a moment into beautiful day New York which really rocked with everyone pogo jumping. and finally finishing with Bad which they hadnt played in years.
During one song Bono ripped his shirt open and revealed his gift of beads from the Pope!
Being their first live gig besides paris you could tell Bono was trying to get a feel for the smallness versused 50,000 people.
This was such a great start to the 4 elevation shows I got to attend. 3 of them in the heart. U2 has re invented themselves by going back to the basics.

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