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by Ed Malachowski

I attended the 3/16/1982 U2 show in Amherst,Massachusetts. I saw the setlist was not included in the archive so I thought I would fill it in as well as add a few comments on the show.
Another Time Another Place
A Day Without Me
An Cat Dubh
Into The Heart
Electric Company into Yankee Doodle
I Fall Down
I Will Follow
Out of Control
Eleven O Clock Tick Tock
The Ocean
Southern Man

I enjoyed this show hosted by my University in Bowker Auditorium, a very small venue of about 200.
The Talking Heads played there later the same week! Then, never again used as a concert venue.
The setlist was excellent and the band was enjoying playing in front of a VERY enthusiastic crowd.
Lots of chatter from Bono onstage with lots of humor thrown in. Yankee Doodle and Give Peace a Chance were fun segments. The encore was a blast with Bono beginning the Neil Young classic to a huge ovation. Unfortunately,Bono didn't know the words so he asked for audience members to join him onstage to sing. The imploring got a reaction with several attempts at the song. Finally a brave fan go the words and the right attitude. The Edge strung his guitar over the shocked fans shoulder and fedback a wild finish to the amazed crowd. These days there is little chance to be so intimate with our heroes but then it was possible. Bono was wildly risking life and limb jumping from the balcony to the stage with a huge white flag during Give Peace a chance. Unforgettable night of music. Ed

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