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by Matt McGee

It's amazing how much your immediate environment can influence the enjoyment of a U2 show (or probably any concert, for that matter). Tonight, for some reason, beer and liquor vendors were able to walk the GA floor during the concert -- that wasn't the case at any of the first three shows I've been to on this tour. And with beer guys walking in front of me every 3-4 minutes, stopping to sell a beer and talk to their customers, it was really hard to get into this one. And I happened to be in the area of a lot of (casual?) fans that spent a lot of time talking selfies with the band in the background of their pics.

I thought U2 played and sounded well, and I know fans in other parts of the arena had a fantastic night, so that was good to hear. But the vibe down on the floor was pretty lifeless where I was, so it made the whole thing less enjoyable.

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