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by Geoff

Wow. This was the 13th time I've seen Bono and the boys in person, and they always come up with something that I haven't seen or heard before. This time, though, they came up with three.

During I Will Follow, Bono actually brought a male up on stage--first time I've ever seen that. Perhaps someone else who was at the show can confirm, but it appeared from the video monitors that the guy had a Zoo TV-era Bono as The Fly tattooed on his upper left chest. At least, that's what we thought from our vantage point on the floor--and would make sense why Bono might have spotted him.

The Wanderer was completely amazing--Bono leaned in to Edge and whispered in his ear, then began belting it out. And he went on to a second verse as well, so it felt like much more than just a snippet. A short speech about the time he spent with Johnny and June Carter Cash followed, and he even mentioned that the next trip he takes to Tennessee, he'd like to go pay his respects at Cash's gravesite. Almost 20 years since their collboration, it still seems to have a strong effect on Mr. Hewson.

And finally, the fan playing for his wife was almost beyond words. Something must've been planned, at least by the band, because I saw soundman extraordinaire Joe O'Herlihy leave the sound desk and dart for the stage just before Moment of Surrender. Getting to stand on a stage and pkay while Bono sang must have been a thrill--but then to have Larry and even Adam fall in line for the second verse must have topped anything. As they began the song, Bono tried to encourage the guy, prompting him to say, "But I'm really nervous!!" By the end, though, he looked like an old pro.

Again, just an amazing night. As always.


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