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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by John Wilkinson III

This was the 10th U2 show Ive had the pleasure to attend, with the first one dating back to 2001. About 15 feet outside the walkway, dead center on the floor.

The great thing about a U2 show is that if there is anything predictable, its that something unpredictable will happen. Going off script can offer opportunity for problems, and a train wreck in front of 40,000 people is not something anyone wants to see. It also opens the door for making a moment that cannot be scripted. Tonight, Nashville was treated to the later.

As always, the band puts on a fantastic show. The songs, performance, production and the spectacle that is U2 360 did not disappoint.

The show opened up with four numbers from Aching Baby and two hours ten minutes and 26 songs later, concluded with All I Want Is You. In between were seven songs I had never heard performed including The Wanderer, Scarlet, Zooropa, and HMTMKMKM, all of which I never thought Id ever hear. 10 of the 11 studio albums were represented at the show (all 11 if you count the Discotheque snippet during Crazy). I dont believe there is another band on the planet that can mine their catalogue that deep while not losing the attention of the casual fan.

I had the pleasure of getting to play piano onstage with the band in St. Louis during the 3rd leg of the Elevation Tour. It was an experience that I never will forget. So getting to see another fan experience the same thing was a pleasure. My friend, you did a great job on All I Want Is You. Bono, you are always a class act but you took it to the next level when you gave him your guitar.

The Wanderer and All I Want Is You were both audibles. The later coming off great shows that not only did we see a world class band, but also a world class crew to make that happen as it did.

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