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by Katie

I just got back from tonights show and am still excited. It was my fisrt U2 show and hopefully there will be many more to come. I loved that they played Electric Co., being as I wasn't even born when this song was released I thought I'd never hear it live.

The crowd was full of enegery (at least on the floor where I was). The band sounded great. Bono was in top form. I couldn't see much of Edge, but I could hear him plenty. Adam walked down the ramp a few times and Bono called him "Sexy Adam" Larry really does pound the hell out of his drums. I was nice to see him play keyboard right near me.

I have some pictures, but they're gonna have to wait until Monday or Tuesday. But until them thanks to the guy with the blond girlfriend that took a majority of them for me and to the two guys that held me up so I could see above people's heads and get some decent shots.

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