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by Fastcars12

What an amazing night, an amazing show. Bono's voice sounded awesome. Edge was totally on fire. Let me give props to the Philly crowd. They were into the show. They knew thier stuff. (An Cat Dubh and Electric Co. were received very well.) And most of all they were loud. Good job!

The Vertigo show is just a pure rock show. Simple as that. It's straight on in your face nonstop rock for two hours and no one does it better than U2. I enjoyed every song. It was the BEST, most comprehensive setlist I've ever heard and this was my 7th U2 show going back to Zoo TV. I don't know if I'll ever hear Zoo Station, Electric Co, An Cat Dubh and Running to Stand Still in the same show ever again.

My highlights were:

City of Blinding lights - It was a spectacular opening. Bono on the edge of the ellipse as confetti rained down was just beautiful. I especially liked, during the intro, Edge's guitar riff right before kicking it into City, as the spotlight is on him only - cool stuff

Electric Co. had me going nuts. I couldn't believe I was hearing it.

Beautiful Day was great as usual. The end seemed extended a bit (Edge's guitar part) also Bono's rendition of Black Bird was nice.

My top highlight - Zoo Station, Zoo Station, Zoo Station. Oh did I mention Zoo Frickin Station was awesome. The stage performance by Bono and Edge was excellent, as Bono high stepped bringing back memories of the Zooropa Tour. Edge played as he walked around the ellipse. The visuals were stunning. I especially liked the band pictures on the video curtains during the song (during the time is a train part) as well as the ellipse lights. The Zooropa baby slot machine was very well done and added a little comic relief.

Streets still has the effect on the audience that it normally has, red lights or no red lights.

Running to Stand Still was spectacular and very emotional.

Again this was my 7th U2 show and probably the best. Thank you U2 for doing what you do. We love you guys and tonight's audience certainly showed it. I was proud to be apart of it.

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