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by joe ben

this was my 20th u2 concert, and i must say it was as equally disappointing as the pop mart tour in '97. i am in no way beating down on a band i consider one of the best of their time, but speaking from my heart i just feel like the driving force of this band, emotion, was considerably lacking. again, i've seen this band at their peak, and i guess living up to those lofty standards of the 80's and early 90's is just asking too much. first off, the sound was awful...whoever was running the board tonight should have to return to dublin on foot. the band was muffled and bono was hard to hear...and i was in the 1st level, 10 rows up mid arena!! when i think back to zoo tv in '92 with zoo station opening to a thunderous roar, imagine my disappointment tonight when i looked around during the first encore to a crowd that acted like they were at the pope's funeral. it just seems to me that this band, which wanted to prove to the world last tour that they were out to claim the title of the world's best band..and pretty much did (not counting bruce and the e streeters....and the stones) looked tonight like they had nothing left to prove. whoever has tix for may 22, i hope the sound is fixed and i hope you catch u2 out to claim that prestigious title again...

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