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by Steve M.

This was my first Vertigo show, and my 17th U2 show overall. I walked up to the Box Office window at 6 pm and bought a GA ticket. I heard several other people do the same thing. Hard to imagine all the stress people went though over the GA tickets...anyway that's a story for a different day.

Didn't win the lottery, so I stood towards the back of GA. Seems like U2 came on a little late. Arcade Fire song was started, and then stopped for another song. It then came on again and the show was on. Maybe it was because of my location, but I did not feel the energy from the band as I did during Elevation tour. Highlights for me were Electric Co., An Cat Dubh, Into the Heart, and 40. The sound system was not great, and I could not really understand what Bono was saying during his very brief lectures. Reviewing the set list, it looks like New Years Day was dropped, probably because they started late (21 songs instead of 22). There was no special ending with extra lyrics during One (can you hear us calling lord....). When I woke up the morning after, the song I had in my head was "Wake Up." I guess that's the tell-tale sign of my high expectations not being met. I took my digital camera, but didn't bother taking any pictures being so far back on the floor.

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