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by Brian

Last night's show was a 8 out of 10 in my opinion. After loyaly reading other reviews on this website (for each and every venue) on the tour I felt I needed to contribute. In my opinion the Philly show was entertaining but very contrived.
The message of Peace and Spirituality was inspiring...yet overdone. It certainely "crushed the groove" of the show's pacing on occasion. Bono's cat impersenation during "An Cat Dubh" made it appear he was auditioning for the Broadway show. Pretty cheesy if you ask me. Musically...the band got lost/out of sync a couple of times and struggled to get it back together (even my wife noticed). Other than that is was a very good show. The lighting was great...but I think the elipse thing has worn it's course. I kept thinking they could have been more original than mimicking last tours oval/heart/elipse and quad split video projection.
Bono's voice was strong. They sounded alot better than the first few nights of the tour. The audio mix was pretty good...our ears are still ringing 12 hours after the show.

All in all a very good experience...just not the home run I was waiting for.

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