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by Trisha

I've been a U2 fan for at last 22 years and feel sorry for the fans who think the first Philly show was fantastic, amazing etc.-They haven't experienced what it can be... Normally I am completely moved emotionally. Afterall, this what the band does for me and why I love them so much. This show left me flat. The sound was awful!! I couldn't hear Bono most of the time and I felt like there was an overlying "electric feedback" out there-like everything should have been turned down-reeled in more tightly. I agree with "joe ben", a previous reviewer, when he said that the guys running the sound board should have to walk back to Dublin on foot!
Yes, all in all it was a good show,( I absolutely loved hearing the real old stuff), but the energy usually felt from "the boys" wasn't there in my opinion. I waited so long...disappointed...will I try the Fall? Hmmmm....

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