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by Rob

First off, to the girl that was pulled on stage during MW.. I have about a 20 second shaky video clip from my digital camera of you and Bono onstage. (its about 6.5 mb)

The show was fantastic, with a few exceptions - more on that later.

I was #295 in the GA line, and got there around 3pm. Unfortunately, most everyone in the line had presale tickets. So as someone already stated, people who were showing up later were actually getting in the doors before earlier presale arrivees.

I was about 4 people deep, mid-left side of the heart. I managed to run into the straw cowboy hat dude who showed up probably around 8pm and tried the "hey let me through, my uh.. buddy is up that way.. yeah tahts it" bit. Of course i didn't buy it, and told him I've been standing here for the last 2 hours, and would have recognized a guy in a stupid straw hat. He took off his hat and was said "do you recognize me now?" (all smart assy). I just ignored him and turned around. If you want to try that bit again, I suggest that you dont look so recognizable. As review 'Matt' said, I enjoyed him falling on his ass a few times.

The crowd was into the show, and it was a solid performance. I do miss the red lights/brigh lights intro to streets, but was too happy to give a damn.
Also, no NYD which is my favorite pre-90's song, but have seen in a bunch of times previously.

Highlights included Electric Co, Running to stand still, The Fly & Zoo station (WOW). It was nice to see adam and larry more visible during the show. They made numerous trips around the ellipse.

Cant wait till the 22nd, and then again in October. Hopefully I get to hear Bad for the 1st time live.

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