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by Getty

What an improvement over opening night in San Diego. That's a no-brainer. Even though the set list was almost identical (besides Mysterious Ways and no New Year's Day), the show just flowed so much better. A big reason for that is probably doing the Africa stuff at the end of the main set and having the fun Achtung songs in the first encore. Moving past comparisons to opening night, I thought this was an incredible show. The "spirit" was in the house once again. Last night was my 29th U2 show since Zoo TV and this show deserves to be in my top 10 (ahead of many of my 18 Elevation shows to be quite honest). Bono sounded great and the band as a whole was spot on...aside from the Vertigo messup, but that's fine. The concert, although about 2 hrs and 5 minutes, seemed a lot longer than that probably because they weren't going through the motions and every note really mattered. The crowd in Section 204, although not animated, was into it and I didn't see one person sit down at all. This is shaping up to be a great tour and I'm looking forward to Jersey on Tuesday. I expect the same setlist unfortunately (with the possible re-inclusion of NYD), but am really looking forward to Boston #3 on 5/28. That show should provide some major surprises a la Chicago #4. My prediction is that they'll debut Crumbs that night similar to the debut of Wild Honey the last night of Elevation's 1st leg at Continental. Let's hope! Regardless, U2 proved to me last night that they still have it and the naysayers should just relax and stop being so critical. It's not the end of the world that the Red Lights don't go on before Streets or that Bono doesn't run the 50 yard dash around the ellipse. Give them a break and just enjoy the fact you're seeing the best band in the world. Have a couple of drinks if you need to loosen up and relax. Anyway, thank you U2 for another amazing experience!

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