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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Maree

This was my first show this tour, my fourth U2 show overall. I had GA tickets for the first time, and was the closest I had ever been to the band. For that reason alone, the energy of the show seemed off the charts to me. I loved COBL as an opener, and the Vertigo/Elevation/Electrico opening volley rocked my face. Other highlights: Adam's strut during Mysterious Ways (he was smirking!) and Edge's wailing solos on The Fly and Bullet. I really enjoyed Electric Co, but the An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart resurrection didn't do anything for me. Other than that one song, it was all killer no filler.

Unfortunately, my GA experience overall was awful. I was on the right side against side rail, about 6 or 7 rows back from the elipse and surrounded by the worst kind of drunken, pushy jerks. They fell all over each other, and me, and threw so many elbows that I am actually bruised the day after! I was really bummed out that there were U2 fans this obnoxious in existance, and kept trying to rise above and just enjoy the music. But it has completely soured me on GA tickets, so you guys can have 'em next time. I wish I had traded mine for seats, and maybe someone bigger and burlier than me (I'm 5'1") could have taught these fools a lesson.

We drove up from DC for the show, and luckily will be seeing them again in October from the stands. I will appreciate my nosebleeds so much more after this!

Fingers crossed for Bad and maybe some more from ATYCLB on the 3rd leg. I'd like to hear Kite live again.

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