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by roman33

Drove down from Northern NJ for the show. Overall I would say the show was above average. Some things I truly loved. Hearing Electric Co. and An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart were incredible since I never thought I would ever heard these songs played live again. Overall even though the setlist was "standard" I felt it flowed nicely during the main set and the crowd where I was sitting in Section 210 seemed to be into the show throughout. I agree with other reviews that the show did seem "rushed", there was very little interaction between the band and the crowd, I do not think Edge went out on the catwalk even once. The sound was average and Bono's voice I felt were strong in certain spots and weak in others.

If I had any complaint it has to be with the songs the band is choosing for the encore. While I personally love hearing Zoo Station, Mysterious Ways and The Fly the section I was sitting in was dead during the encore. I feel these songs need to be put in the main set and perhaps put One and Streets or Pride into the encore. All Because of You seemed to get the crowd back on their feet but I must say Yahweh was a huge disappointment. First it is played acoustically and I cannot see how they would want to play this song acoustically right into 40. I love Yahweh and when I saw that they were playing this into 40 to end the show I was pumped, but hearing it live I just feel that the show ends on a very low note. Perhaps they should attempt playing a plugged in version.

I did not find Bono's political commentary to be overwhelming. Obviously you got the stop the hunger commentary but it was not too much to handle.

Overall, a very solid show, hoping that MSG on 5/21 brings at least 2-3 different songs that this setlist.

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