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by Jeff in PA

Philly 1 was a GREAT show. Please don't let anyone tell you otherwise. They were passionate and ready to play. Bono was playful and the sound was perfect. They were 'on' We expected a standard list after they went nuts at Chicago 4. So it was no big deal that they played a regular set. After sitting around waiting for a couple of months, it was great to see a show -- any show. Some random thoughts:

* 'New Year's Day' was on the setlist, but they skipped it for whatever reason. We were located in 119, 5 rows behind Larry, and before the show, one of the riggers let a setlist sit on a table directly below us, and I saw it.

* Anybody else notice ... the white bandage on Larry's right elbow?

* Bono went on and on about Live Aid before 'One'. Hadn't heard that speech yet.

* Anybody else notice (part 2) ... Bono has been messing around at the end of 'Vertigo' and has basically dropped the 'Stories for Boys' snip. He was sort of looking to make up some lyrics and Edge got confused. At one point, he walks over to Larry, shrugs his shoulder, laughs and just keeps on playing. It was a riot.

* LOVE the way Larry has switched 'Streets' with the way he used his toms. INCREDIBLE. First time he did that was Chicago 4, and he did it again @ Philly 1. If you are a Larry fan, you will LOVE this.

Anyone else notice (part 3) ... Bono brought back the 'Blackbird' snip after 'Beautiful Day' ... a nice touch.

* LOVE the way Bono is now improvising his key and tone. He's not singing the songs the same way. He's singing the same lyrics, but differently. Like 'Miracle Drug' ... he's more free-flowing and letting it go. INCREDIBLE.

* Adam is the man on this tour. Couldn't believe how into the show he was. He went around the ellipse 3-4 times, including during 'Streets' which was a real treat.

Again, a fabulous show. We can't wait for Philly 2 on Sunday -- or for Oct. 16-17.

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