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by bonobaltimore

This was my second show on Vertigo, the first being opening night. It was essentially the same setlist but I was not disappointed by that at all; had the chance to hear the "A set list" played really really well. The band have gotten much tighter, much more focused and it's become just that...a real show now. Opening night always carries some jitters...tonight the band was really synced in. Bottom line...they looked like they were having fun. Everything they played had a certain energy which was special. The girl next to me got pulled up during Mysterious Ways. After she came back to the floor, she was hysterical with tears of joy. It's an amazing thing witnessing the best moment of someone's life. Anyway, I've read some negative reviews for this show and I don't agree with most of them. I was in the ellipse so I honestly don't know what the sound was like elsewhere in the venue but it sounded really crisp from where I was.

Special thanks to:

T.T. Boy, Trish, Jen, the guy handing out bread (for 4 straight hours), Chris from Austrialia, Jim, Phil, Sandy, Random reststops, Pats/Genos, and especially U2!!!

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