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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by Barry

I have been a fan of this group for over 23 years and this is my 10th show since seeing them in Norfolk, VA in 83. I last saw the group in the fall of 2001 in Philadelphia and it was a magical show. I have read most of the reviews of this tour and I am surprised with some of the negativity of longtime fans. And to those people who complain about Bono's preaching and politicing, what band have you been listening to over the years? U2 wears their hearts and politics on their sleeves, so what do you expect? I don't know what show some people where watching Sat. night but it was amazing. Yes, we got the standard set but they nailed it. City of Blinding Lights is an amazingly beautiful opening. As a lone spotlight shines down on The Edge as he plays an almost hymm-like opening and then Bono steps on the end of the Ellipse as the confetti falls and just pumps up the audience as Adam and Larry join in as the light screens come to life is as the chorus says "Oh, you look so beautiful tonight."
The Boy part of the show was awesome. It was great to hear these songs after all these years. Electric Co. was rocking and the crowd was totally into it. Yes, the band loses some of the crowd on An Cat Dubh/Into the Heart but that is not the bands fault that half the crowd doesn't know the songs. Some people complain that we don't get to hear some old songs but when U2 plays these they complain that it stops the show. Well, you can't have it both ways.
When I first heard "Sometimes......." on the album I did not like it that much but after hearing it live and esp. when Bono hits the note I was simply blown away and had tears in my eyes.
"Love and Peace or Else"
I was amazed how well this song played live. The crowd was totally into it and combined with the punch of "Sunday.." and "Bullet..." it provided a powerful part of the set.
I am so sick of hearing people whine about the lack of the red background and bright lights and the beginning of the song. What is funny the same people complain that the Actung Baby encore set is just a rehash of Zoo TV. Well, U2 finally do something different with the song. Guess what it doesn't need lights flashing on the audience or red backgrounds it is still the same powerful song and the crowd was so into it they where overpowering the band.
"Zoo Station"
All I can say is wow. I have heard it on all the bootlegs so far but last night it was just rocking . With that, The Fly and Mysterious Ways it was a total showcase for the Edge.
What can I say that hasn't already been said about ending with this song.
It was an amazing night. No Bad, With or Without You, New Years Day, I Will Follow, ISHFWILF, Out of Control but guess what the show didn't need them. The last few tours have been the Bono and Edge show but this Sat. night it was truly the whole bands show. I saw Adam move around more and look like he was having a good time more than any other tour before and Larry is simply the backbone of the band. Some people complained about the Edge not moving around much but I think he was having problems with his wireless setup cause he was corded up most of the night. An amazing show can't wait for the fall.

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