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by stook697

Ok, its been 24 hours since last night's show in Philly and I feel like I have enough perspective to post a review. First, I must admit that my perspective of the show was greatly influenced (unfortunately) by the jerks standing behind me. I was on the floor against the right barrier about 20 feet from the elipse and these 40 something drunk couple (claiming to be Irish) were the most obnoxious people on earth. They were constantly knocking into everyone and the man would lift the lady on his shoulders only then to have her kick everyone around her in the back. The guy could have cared less and was more interested in ticking everyone around him off. I must say shame on security for not removing these fools. There were clearly 14-16 people that were effected by these idiots and even after literally being told by security to calm down 15 times they continued. It's a shame everyone had to suffer because of these drunk morons. Also, the guy kept screaming for Sunday Bloody Sunday during other songs and would just yell at the top of his lungs until he heard it.

Anyway, I needed to get that off my chest before I go any further, because it really bummed me out. On with the show as they say....Here are my highlights:

1) Elevation: The Edge playing solo with the crowd singing and then Bono tricking the crowd on the second chorus as the Edge continued to play solo, awesome!

2) Gloria: This was the first time I ever heard it live and the simple experience of doing so was great!

3) Love and Peace...: Larry and Bono on top of the elipse, with Bono finishing on drums, way cool! Even though I have been reading about this weeks for it was a very powerful moment.

4) Running to Stand Still: Beautiful song, amazing live, Bono on Harmonica, the crowd singing...brilliant.

4) Streets: Always my favorite live....great crowd energy, amanzing to see a mass of humaninty jumping up and down in sync.

5) One: The Declaration of Human Rights gave me chills.....

6) The 1st encore was great....and hearing Zoo Station live with the ZooTV retro graphics made feel like I was 19 again (my age when I saw them on ZooTV...you do the math).

7) 40: Never realized how powerful this song was and last night blew me away. The exchanging of the instruments between the Edge and Adam, Larry's final drum solo, and the crowd still singing long after the band left was almost spirtual.

Here are my downer moments:

1) I said to my wife, and she agreed, that we both felt like we have seen this show before. Last night was our first show of the Vertigo Tour, with 4 more in the fall, and I felt like it was 2001 again and the Elevation tour just kept on rolling ( we saw 4 shows on the last tour).
It must be the use of the elipse (versus the heart) and the simple stage. I just wan't blown away with the staging.

2) Bono's voice is better than on the Elevation Tour, but I noticed on several songs he really let the audience carry him. It even seemed he was just mouthing some of the words as the audience sang along.

All in all it was a good show and as the day went on I really was able to pick out the high points listed above. Regardless, I am still looking forward to DC, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta this fall!


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