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by Neilan

This was my 2nd free U2 concert in 2 weeks. Many thanks to Les Lewis and the Wembley Wasps Stewards. It was 18 years ago so,Les, i'll confess all. When they opened the gates I took off my stewards vest and ran down to the front. C'mon, I had to ! I couldn't take the chance of being stuck at the back or worse.This is U2 were talking about! Got to about 20 rows from the front. Another amazing experience. Hot, thirsty, pushing, shoving, singing, screaming.....and Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry doing their thing a few yards in front of me. All the gems were there, even Party Girl. With Larrys last drum beat at the end of 40, I was already looking forward to the next chapter in this great adventure called U2 - and the next tour...........!!

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