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by Michael Nix

So here I am again, after I saw my first U2 show in Dortmund in 1992 (look there) but missed to get tickets for the second night.
We hoped they would play Hannover beacuse it is just an hour away from where we live but because of some locals only one mega gig was allowed there in 1993 and I guess that was Genesis.
Anyway, my wife plus 3 friends plus me as the driver went in a small VW Golf to Bremen. The car was turned into a lowrider but with faith we made it savely to Bremen.
We definitly wanted to get into the front rows of the pit, so we arrived 4 hours before the gates were opened. It can not be hotter in a can of maze... ! The weather was beautiful but too hot for waiting in the sun.
We actually got to hear the soundcheck which was very cool.
Then the gates were opened and we really got right infront of the stage. This time they had 2 support acts and it seened like an eternity until it finally was 9 pm and the show started !!!
Before the show started we really looked like crap !! Sweat + Mud !!!
The show was the best, Bono was in good shape, Edge handled more than three chords and the truth, Adam played the blues for us and my wife said that Larry was really a cometition for me.... (hey Larry I also have a Leather Jacket!!)

Then Bono opened the bottle of champage and shot the cork right into the audience ...
....right into the hand of one of my friends !!!!
It was my burning Desire to get the cork but not for love nor for money was he willing to give it to me ...

Years later I found out, that my best friend whom I did not know back then, wss also there.
Him, his wife and my wife made me go Dublin with them this year. Thanks Bunny, thanks Azze, thanks Schnuff !!

Elevate your Soul

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