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by Diane Jaram

Western Springs, Auckaland

Not sure what to expect as I made my way to my first U2 concert. I had heard much about the size of the stage and wanted to see it for myself. From moment the fly appeared on the monitors I was transfixed and moved by the energy, emotion and humor of the four men playing in front of 60,000 kiwis..

I started off on the floor of Western Springs but soon moved up to the terraces to get a better look at the stage and video screens.

The images and sounds moved not just the eyes and ears but the body and soul as well. From burning crosses, video confessionals and belly dancers the punters really got their monies worth. The highlight for me would have been when during the phone in session mcfesto phoned a group of people who were sitting on the terrace of a house that overlooked the stadium saying that he was sending some t shirts up for them to buy.

Left feeling thankful that my brother had given me the book Unforgetable fire which has started my U2 obsession.

Diane Jaram

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