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by Navid

OH MY GOD! There are NO WORDS to describe the feeling I had during those 2 hours. I was at the stadthalle at 9.00 in the morning and was # 53 in the line and was the second person at one of the entries so it was almost a 100 % thing that i would get into the heart, but unfortunately i didnt make it. people were pushing each other out of the line and it was really hard to do anything, is was VERY poor organized. kelis was ok, although i was getting annoyed at the end because i had been waiting for 10 hours to see u2. i made my way to almost the tip of the heart outside...and then the beatles "seargent pepper" music started and i knew what was going to happen...

elevation (was the best opener they've ever had except "streets", so powerful and mind-blasting! people were going nuts, me included)

beautiful day (kept the momentum going on, the goal is soul...)

until the end of the world (one of my favorite songs live, i love the bull fight at the end)

new years day (people reacted very well to that one, you get goosebumbs when adam starts playing the bass intro...)

kite (a beautiful slow song, bono dedicated it to a little kid who was inside the heart and came on stage! very powerful)

gone (people started to get quiet, well but i was already really tired at that time too :) not blaming it on the song)

new york (that one i think killed it, its a really good song live, but it just doesnt work out with the fans, its a hard song to get into because it variates alot)

i will follow (unbelievable, burned down the house with that one, awesome extended version with "ring the bells" and certainly glad to hear "your eyes..." again, this song never gets old!)

sunday bloody sunday (a perfect one-two right after i will follow, kept everyone in a really good mood, i loved it)

stuck in a moment (i was really suprised how virtually EVERYONE was singing along to this song)

in a little while (dedicated to joey ramone, such a moving song to hear live...)

stay (after a talk with the edge they decided to play stay instead of the usual desire. at first it sounded like satellite of love, anyone else agree on that? loved the guitar-only version...)

bad (my favorite u2 song, bono really hit the high notes, "wide awake", it was a dream come true...)

where the streets have no name (do i have to comment on that? you know something indescribable is going to happen when the red lights get on...)

mysterious ways (great song, im glad theyre not dropping this one, the guitar solo is unique....)

and then came a dissapointment, they didnt play the fly...but i really didnt care, i was/am fascinated by what they did...

bullet the blue sky (people didnt really get the movie and started cheering, as in most of the other concerts too, i think u2 should explain that more....bono's spot-light action was very scary talking about the situation in america...)

with or without you (i could hear this song go on and on and on...i got REALLY excited when the last part got kind of extended before he goes in the usual "oh oh", i thought he would sing the extra verse from the joshua tree "well shine like stars..." but he didnt, oh well.....maybe tomorrow)

one (bono's speech about how vienna was one of the best popmart shows on the tour was great, i think that is really true. song was really good)

wake up dead man (i dont know why but i love this song since i heard it as an ending on the mexico city popmart tour)

walk on (what a way to finish off the concert, the "leave it behind" written all over the stadium....)

I was truly elevated tonight, as much as i loved popmart as a show, i loved the intimacy and the atmosphere of this concert. im looking forward to tomorrow night.

the goal is elevation...

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