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by Lena

First I have to say that this was my very first U2-concert so I cannot compare it to any other concerts.
Well, I was absolutely amazed by that show. It was really great. Unfortunately I had to wait for some friends and was quite far away from the stage, so I could see the band only very few times, and then only very small. I was very happy about the video-screens :-)
The sound was great, but bono's and edge's voices were a bit too high. Though I was quite in the back the sound was simply great.
The audience was totally enthusiastic (just like me) about the show. The only song I missed was Pride. But I'm aware that they can't play all the most popular songs at one gig.
I suppose that most people were surprised that they played "Wake up dead man". It was a real good surprise and I was very happy about it.
The only think i didn't like was the support act, Kelis. It might just not be my kinda music, but I think that most people in the audience felt like I did.
If they will do another tour in some years (I really hope so) I will surely be there :-)

Servus (like Bono said ;-) and good-bye,

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