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by Christopher

First of all I would like to say that U2tours.com forgot posting "The ground beneath her feet" into the set list.
I thought Thursdays concert was great, but it was nothing compared to last night..
Without mentioning anything, Bono just "jumped" into "Elevation" with a lot more energy than the day before. Not only in the first song, but going over to "Beautiful Day", "Unitl the End of the World" and "Mysterious Ways", it seemed a lot more energetic than Thursday. It surprised me that the band played "Mysterious Ways" so early in the concert, but there was a lot more to come.
By that time, Bono recieved a song request from the audience inside the heart...telling the audience that the band would have to review text, chords and beats of the song, he promised to play it. But before that, Bono stuck in "Kite" (dedicated to George Harrison, who suffers of cancer) and New York ("borrowing" a fans cowboy hat and pretending to ride a horse).
After a short review and practise of the chords, the band introduced the next song as their first single; "11 O'Clock Tick Tock", followed by their second one in Britain, "Out of Control". Following "Out of Control" was "Sunday Bloody Sunday", in which Bono took an irish flag from the audience, laying it down in front of him and dropping his sweat (like tears) onto it ("wipe your blood shot eyes"). By that time, I felt like in one of the early U2 concerts from the 80s...Three good old songs in a row...Next was "In my Life" and "Stuck in a Moment" which were better played than the night before.
After organising the next song, Bono sat down on the piano and started playing "Sweetest Thing"...followed by "Desire" in which the entire band came to the tip of the heart. After Adam and Larry went back, the Edge and Bono played "The Ground Beneath her Feet" together...this went over beautifully into "All I Want is You", in which the audience cheerfully singed along...I noticed that the audience was a lot more energetic on Friday than on Thursday...it was a lot more fun for us and for the band that way.
Of course, the end of "All I want is you" was the beginning of "Where the Streets have no name" which seemed a lot brighter and more blinding than the night before (maybe because I stood somewhere else). This was followed by "Pride", which seemed very unexpected for the audience. The had a constant background melody by the audience; oh, oh-oh oh......
"Bullet the Blue Sky" was very different than the night before...a different video, a different topic, a different way Bono used the light in his hands and different lyrics. He continued listing the 5 countries that pollute the most, kill the most and export the most weapons. At the end, these countries were reduced to the word "ZOOROPA" which the audience really enjoyed.
The last three songs, "With or Without You" (Bono actually didn't pull any girl up to dance with!), "One" (going over to "Unchained Melody") and "Walk on" were sung with a lot more heart than the night before..and after the last tunes were played, he gave the audience a couple of words...on the screens you could see him saying "Wow, Amazing" to his band colleagues...I don't think he expected such an energetic audience and was very pleased with the show he gave us....Thank you.

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