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by Navid

I already wrote yesterday that it was the best concert ever, but i lied, FORGET IT! IF, then friday night was THE BEST U2 has ever played in Vienna and I would definetly say one of the best concerts on this elevation tour! 22 songs full of passion, and i had the time of my life! the band was really enjoying themselves, bono had a great time, at one point i remember him going "wow this is great" away from the microphone, looking at everyone singing the "oh oh" part in pride! the house atmosphere rocked much more than last night, before the concert got started people were doing waves through the whole arena, another person was holding aup a sign "U2 is our religion", and everyone started cheering and it was so true. now to the songs:

elevation (unbelievable, it gets better and better, i was already so tired after this song because i put all my energy in it, EVERYONE was jumping, it was BY FAR a better atmosphere than last night!)

beautiful day (i think the title says it all)

until the end of the world (i love it when bono "stands" over the crowd and they lift him while he sings calmy, its like he is flying...i love this song!)

mysterious ways (such a great idea to put this song in the first couple ones, unlike yesterday it just seemed like the momentum kept going and going and going...i love the simple effects in the background...)

kite (the more i hear it, the more i like it, awesome when bono screams "im a man, im not a child")

new york (personally think it worked out much better than last night, i really enjoyed it and i think so did everyone else...its hard to see the shadow games bono is doing when youre on the floor)

11 o clock tick tock (i went nuts, theyve only played it 2-3 times on this tour and you could see it was spontanous because bono started talking to edge for a while. it was simply mind-blowing...)

out of control (yet another old song and i could not believe what was happening, bono had a speech during the song about how their band got started...)

sunday bloody sunday (3rd song from old times, i was just thinking about "under a blood red sky"...WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?)

In my life (bono sang all by himself, nice that bono remembered george harrison that much this night...)

Stuck in a moment (I like this song live much more than on the album)

Sweetest thing (Bono was playing the piano, a really nice version, everyone was singing along and i got goosebumps, lucky ones on the concert who had their girlfriends with them...)

the ground beneath her feet (just bono and edge playing, IT ROCKED, i like it much more than on the record! they were singing it at the tip of the heart with 2 spotlights on them and the rest of the lights turned off...)

desire (all 4 band members came to the tip of the heart, a song that always works out with the crowd, people love it as a sing along...bono played the harmonica twice, everybody freaked out!)

all i want is you (bono started the song with the words "addiction" and i thought he would play bad again like last night, but then came one of the most beautiful versions of all i want is you i have ever heard, everyone singing "all i want is youuuuu" at the end, fading into streets)

where the streets have no name (bono started running laps again, the first few verses i couldnt hear bono, everyone was singing "i wanna run"...streets is enlightment, it is a religious experience...)

pride (suprised they played it, they are getting tired of it and i understand that, definetly one of the songs everyone relates them to when they hear "U2" and theyve played it ever since...but people were singing the whole song, and the "oh oh" part at the end especially, bono was smiling the whole time, he was really enjoying it)

bullet the blue sky (thank you, they changed the beginning, nobody was cheering anymore and everyone got the, well, very simple message! i havent heard such a powerful version of bullet since the joshua tree, you could feel how bono is pissed...)

with or without you (tonight he didnt pull a girl on stage, but yet it was another wonderful performance, they should sing this song twice :) )

one (thought it was much nicer than last night, almost started crying...)

unchained melody (so happy they played it, very unexpected and one of the nicest songs ever...they should play it with the whole band though...)

walk on (i knew this is going to be my last U2 concert for a while again, hopefully i get to see them in london in 20 days but i doubt it...)

i remember thinking to myself after "ground beneath her feet": when is this concert going to finish? :) they kept playing song after song, it was AMAZING! i was 4 rows away from the tip of the heart, so i could almost touch bono when he came to the crowd. thank you so much U2 for elevating my soul for the last couple of days, please dont let it be another 4 years till you show up in vienna. for the people who are still going to see the show, FEEL LUCKY AND UNIQUE!

although ive got to leave it behind, im stuck in a moment i can't get out of...


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