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by Todd

I have been to more U2 concerts in the last 15 years than I can count. And let me tell you all anyone who missed the 2nd show in Vienna truely missed out on a classical U2 performance. The best I have ever witnessed and better than the first night which was good. Was able to gain access to the heart on both nights and was 3 people deep between Edge and Bono both nights.
Being nostalgic I really thought it magic before the start of 'Out of Control' which is rarely played in concert. Bono reminisced that he wrote it on his 18th birthday, and how Edge was 17, Larry was 16 and Adam was 60. "Very wise for his age and full of big ideas". During the song he introduced the band just as he would have in 1980 and he smiled and looked liked he enjoyed doing that. I think only every U2 fan over the age of 35 could appreciate that. I also enjoyed the simplicity of the stage this tour. Not even close to the hoopla of Zoo or Pop not to say I did not enjoy those but it was good to see U2 going back to their purity.
One fan had brought their 5 year old boy the first night who Bono dedicated 'Kite' to and tried to get him up on stage but the boy absolutely refused! I told his dad he will probably regret that a couple decades from now. People with video cameras were around recording every minute. I also never witnessed more people who just did not want to leave the venue (Stadhalle) after the show. I think many of these fans knew what
an incredible performance of music and spirit they had witnessed and found it difficult to say goodbye and put those 2 hours behind them. I surely did.

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