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U2 Tours (formerly part of AtU2): A Comprehensive Guide To U2’s Live Performance History
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by jules

U2 triumph at glasto. U2 had an extra small section to the far side of 'edge' where terry and dallas spent hours preparing things whilst the bands pre to U2 were on stage(!). Also Willie spent about 15mins on stage during setup talking to bbc cameramen and trying out the b-stage that U2 had brought. You've obviously see the tv footage now... But it was epic.. Almost surreal at times. IMO real thing to IWF was best u2 I've seen. The Fly rocked massively complete with the zoo tv slogans, and Streets was really great. The problem was the weather was shocking (very wet) and when they did Stay (which I loved) the audience's adrenaline dropped and it was impossible to get the vibe fully back up after due to everyone being cold and wet. U2 brought a video backdrop and it must have been super high definition because it looked *amazing* - however on the songs where the screen wasn't used they had to rely on glastonburys own lights which seemed a bit 2nd rate in comparison! BD with the space link up was very touching and went down well. Bad was great but I don't know if the casual fans knew it. WOWY was interesting, backing music came on and the band who had gone off came back on slightly hurriedly - think the TV guys told them to hurry up! OOC was a fantastic surprise but I'm sure edge and adam had different tunings... Edge was looking a bit peeved on the intro. Looks like adam saved the day by simply moving up one fret (semitone or halfstep) so they were both then in tune... will have to check that on the TV footage! I'm now back in the tent and getting dry!! What a night! Jules

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