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SPOILER: It Sounds Like Live Rehearsals Have Begun


With Bono spotted in Vancouver on Saturday night, it sounds like the whole band has joined him and live rehearsals have begun. @U2 reader Stephen K. sent us a short audio clip of "Invisible" that he recorded with his iPhone out in the parking lot on Monday, along with a few photos of the scene at Pacific Coliseum. We've done our best to boost the audio levels and put it all together in the short YouTube video below.

You should hear Bono singing in the first couple seconds -- it sounds like he sings "It's yours" twice, then he stops and seems to say "sorry" at about the 6-second mark, and continues with "I finally found my real name...." Later, you'll hear Stephen talking to a security guard, who says "yep" when asked if the sound is live.

Stephen says he didn't see any of the band members while he was at the Coliseum, but there was a lot of activity beyond just the crew. There's a tent set up outside (you can see it in on the right in the last couple seconds of the video), portable toilets and so forth.

If you're one of our Vancouver-based readers, late afternoon/early evening is probably the best time to check out the scene. If you get any video, audio or photos, please send them in to news@atu2.com.