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SPOILER/AUDIO: Tuesday Night Rehearsal


An @U2 reader who wants to remain anonymous got in touch Wednesday night with some updates on U2's rehearsals over the past few days at Pacific Coliseum in Vancouver, and also sent in the minute-long video/audio clips embedded below. Warning: spoilers.

Our reader, whom we'll call John, says the band is typically arriving around 3-4 pm and rehearsing until 10-11 pm, with a break around 7:00 pm. John says that, contrary to what he's read online, security isn't incredibly tight and fans are sometimes able to hang out near the arena's main entrance (as you can see in the video). But, he says it's virtually impossible to see any band members because they're not actually stepping foot outside the venue -- cars are going into the arena for pick up and drop off.

As far as the actual rehearsals, John says he's heard the band going through "Miracle Drug" three times. He heard the "Bullet/One Step Closer" combo that we posted about previously, along with "Mysterious Ways," "With Or Without You" and an acoustic version of "Every Breaking Wave." On Tuesday night, he also heard and recorded a bit of "California," which you can hear below.

UPDATE: In our forum, member "So Cruel" (not the same as our "John" reader mentioned above) shares a report from Wednesday night's rehearsals, which included "One Step Closer," "City Of Blinding Lights," "Where The Streets Have No Name," "Ordinary Love," "The Troubles" and "With Or Without You."